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Privacy Statement

Rollaway Movers is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.

Personal Information

Rollaway Movers may collect personally identifiable information such as name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address. This personal information is collected and used by Rollaway Movers staff for the purpose of facilitating a relationship or business transaction.

Rollaway Movers does not sell or rent e-mail addresses to other organizations. Rollaway Movers may generate e-mail for the following types of communication:

  1. Notification e-mail
  2. Transactional e-mail, which is the result of a business transaction.
  3. Relationship e-mail, which is sent as an informational service because of a relationship with Rollaway Movers.
  4. Commercial e-mail, which is sent to promote Rollaway Movers.
  5. Correspondence from Rollaway Movers staff as a result of a communication initiated by a customer.

Mailing Lists
Postal mailing list's, comprised of full name and postal address, will not be sold to other organizations (e.g. professional societies and/or commercial publishers) for any reason.
Rollaway Movers may occasionally send informational or promotional materials to customers.
External Links
The only domain covered by the Rollaway Movers privacy policy is The Rollaway House Movers website may contain links to other sites, however, and Rollaway Movers, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those external sites.
You can contact Rollaway Movers in several ways:

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  • By telephone: 616-453-0123
The Rollaway House Movers Privacy Statement is subject to change and was last modified on February 16, 2008.